Bitter Party | About the Band
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About the Band

Bitter Party is a Los-Angeles-based ghost pop band inspired by war-era music and the melancholy of life. Immersing ourselves in the rich repertoire of folk, pop, and obscure tunes from Asia, our performance references the music in each of our pasts through dusty tapes, songbooks, vinyls, and YouTube channels. We re-animate these transmigrated sounds with megaphones, sanshin, and post-colonial chiptune aesthetics. Pinball disco, electro enka, postcolonial ethnographic pop.


Linda Wei

Bass / Glockenspiel / Melodica / Vox


Wendy Hsu

Keys / Electronics / Guitar / Sanshin / Vox


Jacob Sargent

Drums / Guitar / Vox


Nathan Lam Vuong

Strings / Vox

From the Press
This quartet is uniquely appropriate for the benefit concert, taking inspiration and energy from Taiwanese and Vietnamese immigrant culture as well as the contemporary art scene. -- Martin Wong, Giant Robot
A city not only known for its proliferating Latino and Asian populations, but also its artists who are willing to engage in spaces that share in L.A.'s multiethnic ecologies... Bitter Party comes in with their offer of 'Ghost Pop.' -- George Villanueva, KCET