BitterPartyKnitFacebook Bitter Party is a Los-Angeles-based ghost pop band inspired by war-era music and the melancholy of life. Immersing ourselves in the rich repertoire of folk, pop, and obscure tunes from Asia, our performance references the music in each of our pasts through family stories, dusty tapes, songbooks, vinyls, and YouTube channels. We re-animate these transmigrated sounds with megaphones, sanshin, and postcolonial street music aesthetics. Pinball disco, electro enka, postcolonial ethnographic pop.


Bitter Party is:

Wendy Hsu: Keys, Electronics, Guitar, Sanshin, Vox

Nathan Lam Vuong: Violin, Viola, Vox

Linda Wei: Bass, Percussion, Vox

Carey Sargent: Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Vox